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About Startup Factory

We are a Belgian startup studio that partners up with entrepreneurs and launches a new startup every six week. Throughout our program, we provide our entrepreneurs with structure, know-how and processes. We help them validate an idea, build a product, hire the right team, create a tangible brand and find their first paying customers. We do what it takes to make it happen.

After co-building 25+ startups, we’ve developed the right team & expertise to increase the success rate of developing a simple idea into a sustainable business.

Our approach?

We believe every startup is unique, but the processes & strategies to get a project from idea to market success are repeatable. Our "done is better than perfect" way of working prevails when it comes to building businesses. We have a pragmatic and hands-on approach that makes our startups thrive.

We go beyond simple strategy & consulting. We get our hands dirty to guide, support & train our entrepreneurs and their team.

Job Description

Freel is a B2B electric scooter company based in Brussels. We provide a cheap and environmental friendly smart mobility solution to companies for its employees to move within the city. We provide an electric scooter fleet that will be stationed at the office and the employees can book/reserve a scooter. It is the cheapest mobility solution on the market today! With Freel each company will have electrical scooters to use at their office at every moment.

*As co-founder, you will be responsible for : *
• Confirming the demand for this type of service through a lean startup approach : customer discovery
• Taking care of the operation side
• Finding the key elements with the highest added value for early adopters
• Identifying and signing the first partners, piloting the execution of the service,

Preferred Experience

*As CEO or co-founder, you possess the following competences and skills : *

• Being passionate about the entrepreneurial adventure
• Having a first experience in sales
• Having the good mindset and deploying all energy to lead the project
• Being expert in problem solving and focused on “learning by doing”
• Being able to manage plenty of stuff at the same time
• Being able to become independent in work
• Being able to adapt work to changing conditions
• Having lean analytics approach
• Having strong communication skills
• Being motivated, professional, dynamic and creative
• Being able to start in a short period of time

Recruitment Process

• 15 min call
• Face to face interview at the Costation office.

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Bruxelles, Belgium (1000)
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience: > 2 years