Co-Founder COO - Colive

Startup Factory is hiring!


**Description of Startup Factory **

Startup Factory is a startup studio which is offering a formula to efficiently create and develop a start up venture from inception to scaling in partnership with corporate players.

Every project starts with an idea which is coming from a corporate partner which doesn’t have flexibility, mentality or talent’s ressource to develop it in intern. For this reason, the corporate players decide to work in partnership with us to develop projects in our startup’s studio.
With an average of a new company every six weeks, we try to understand what the best condition is to build innovative digital businesses. We also try to make sure that we have a very considerable value convincing corporate partners. We also try to show well that there are different ways for early stage startups to find product market fit in a short period of time and at a low cost capital than before.


In today’s market there are a lot of possibilities to join an incubation structure but Startup Factory is more than an external accompanying organization. A lot of corporate partners are ready to entrust new projects to our startup’s studio and we have the willingness to work hand in hand with entrepreneurs to have an impact on the changing environment in solving real problem using technology.

Working into a startup studio provides a lot of advantages to an entrepreneur.
To encourage them to focus on the sales’s context and rapidly develop their value proposition with the aim of increasing value to their customers, we are hands on and able to assist projects on with the required critical skills like technological aspects or digital marketing aspects.

We also seek to create a community of passionate people by the entrepreneurial adventure and we are looking for entrepreneurs who want to be part of this community by sharing these values : ambition, exchange of ideas through the community and the desire to learn and growth quickly.

What you will do

Colive offers top-of-the-line appartment-sharing solutions for young workers, with as goal an easier integration within a community.

Colive combines high standing appartments and a community environnement in a modern space.

CoLive stands for a complete high quality service responding to the increasing demand for flexibility of young workers.

What we are looking for

For the development of this project, we need a co-founder who is able to ensure more operational functions for the growth of the startup.

As COO, you would possess the following competencies and skills :

  • Being in charge of financial, legal, administrative and recruitment aspects, but must also be able to understand the business, to be autonomous and to develop the activity by finding new clients, etc.
  • Being passionate about entrepreneurial adventure
  • Having the good mindset and deploying all energy to lead the project
  • Having affinity with the project’ field
  • Being expert in problem solving and focused on “learning by doing”
  • Being able to manage plenty of stuff at the same time
  • Being able to become independent in work
  • Being able to adapt work to changing conditions
  • Having strong communication skills
  • Being motivated, professional, dynamic and creative

Recruitment Process

1) Call 10 minutes
2) Interview face 2 face @ co-station Brussels

Additional Information

  • Contract type: Full-Time
  • Location: Bruxelles, Belgium (1000)
  • Education Level: Master's Degree
  • Experience Level: > 2 years