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BioCrocs by Startup Factory
The food your cat deserves.

Who we are:

We are a Brussels-based company that embarked in the daring challenge of revolutionizing your cat's diet. In 2019, we realized that the current food supply is inadequate and bad for your cat's health. This is what prompted us to develop an organic and premium quality solution: BioCrocs.

We’re proud to announce two majors partnerships: media and distribution and a provider. But we’re still growing. And that means we need more brilliant people who share our ambition, to join in with the next, most exciting, part of our story.

Our vision:

BioCrocs, like you, considers pets as real family members. This is why we believe that they should benefit from quality food as well, in order to preserve their health. Our team have at heart to take care of our furry friends.

Our product:

To fill out the lacks of healthy cat supply, we have developed organic products. Our food is rich in vegetables and fresh meat, which is traced to ensure high transparency.

Job Description

Loving Cats, check ! But what you'll be doing as a Co-Founder ?

  • Confirming the demand for this type of service through a lean startup approach : customer discovery
  • Finding and selling service to early adopters
  • Finding the key elements with the highest added value for early adopters
  • Identifying and signing the first partners, piloting the execution of the service,
  • Being an inspirational leader to hire the right profiles and complete the team in the short term
  • Defining the vision and values of the startup which is the main key to success

Preferred Experience

Our team values:

  • Choose positivity

  • Go for it boldly and without fear of failure.

    • Be kind, humble & trustworthy.
  • Proactively seek out ways to scale.

    • Always run the extra mile
    • Sense of humor required

We're all about building a workplace for the future here at Startup Factory, we believe in equal opportunities and we celebrate diversity. We’re an inclusive workplace, where everyone is welcome, everyone can be natural, and be the best versions of themselves.

You’ll help us to keep doing business the right way – keeping our co-working spaces an inclusive and inspiring place to work, using our status to inspire wider change, and reinforcing our culture of staying little as we grow big.

Come and make a difference

Recruitment Process

1) 25 min call
2) Face to face @costation

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Location: Bruxelles, Belgium (1000)
  • Education Level: Bachelor's Degree
  • Experience: > 2 years