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C’est en partenariat avec des groupes industriels qui, dès le départ, valide l’opportunité et finance l’activité avec l’option de racheter la startup après deux ans que la plupart de nos projets sont construits.

Notre Force ? Un studio qui fonde son expérience dans l’expertise des équipes pluridisciplinaires qui le composent ainsi que dans le drive et la mentalité qu’ils apportent aux différents projets. Ici on parle de compétences stratégiques, commerciales, marketing ou encore de développement informatique 💪🏼

Notre particularité ? Startup Factory dispose également d’un fond d’investissement qui permet aux projets qui connaissent un franc succès de gagner du temps en levant plus rapidement des fonds.
C’est une formule unique qui maximise les chances de réussite et de revente fructueuse d’une startup 🚀

Notre fierté ? En à peine deux ans, Startup Factory a construit plus de 15 startups et comprend plus de 100 talents 🚀 🚀

Job Description


Your hassle-free storage solution.

Nestore was born 3 years ago, since then we have been able to develop our model and refine our strategy. Today, we are entering a new period of the challenge! Nestore has accentuated its growth towards BtoB and is about to invest in new storage space. This is a crucial phase in our history and that is why we are looking for a CO-CEO.

We have great ambitions, but we’re still growing! And that means we need more brilliant people who share our ambition, to join in with the next, most exciting, part of our story. Are you the one?

Preferred Experience

As a co-founder and CEO, you will be in charge of bringing the company to the next stage!

  • Validating the demand with first paying clients through a lean startup & customer centric approach
  • Adapt the value proposition and the product based on early adopters feedback
  • Define the vision for the company and set the overall strategy from launch to scale (short & long-term goals)
  • Start building your “A” team. Attract, hire and retain ridiculously good talents by leveraging our & your network
  • Be an inspirational leader, cultivate a high-performance company culture & develop company values that attract world-class talent
  • Drive day-to-day operations, align resources to achieve key business priorities and proactively mitigate business, operational & governance risks
  • Prepare a successfull seed fundraising
  • Own P&L and cash flow. Manage cash flow while driving your business ahead of market disruption

Are you the one?

  • You have a whole bunch of motivation and creativity.
  • You are a risk-taker, thrive in uncertainty and have a real entrepreneurial mind.
  • “There are people who watch things happen and there are people who make things happen”. You’re one of the latter.
  • You are curious and humble. You’re not afraid to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.

Recruitment Process

Are you ready to make it happen with us?

  • call 15 minutes
  • meeting 1 to 1
  • covidproof

Additional Information

  • Contract Type: Full-Time
  • Start Date: 04 January 2021
  • Location: Bruxelles, Belgium (1000)