We are a Belgian startup studio that partners up with entrepreneurs and launches a new startup every six week

Throughout our program, we provide our entrepreneurs with structure, know-how and processes. We help them validate an idea, build a product, hire the right team, create a tangible brand and find their first paying customers. We do what it takes to make it happen.
After co-building 25+ startups, we’ve developed the right team & expertise to increase the success rate of developing a simple idea into a sustainable business.

Our approach?
We believe every startup is unique, but the processes & strategies to get a project from idea to market success are repeatable. Our "done is better than perfect" way of working prevails when it comes to building businesses. We have a pragmatic and hands-on approach that makes our startups thrive.
We go beyond simple strategy & consulting. We get our hands dirty to guide, support & train our entrepreneurs and their team.

Don’t see the position of your dreams?

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